FaberExposize UK - Specialists in Wide Format Print Leeds
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Specialists in Wide Format Print

The FaberExposize Group consists of 9 factories worldwide. We are an enthusiastic group of people who share a passion for Wide Format Print Projects, we specialise in fabric and soft signage printing.

We are motivated by our desire to provide the best possible execution of your production. We are friendly and helpful, and also exceptionally creative and innovative.

Fabric Printing - FaberExposize Team

Collective passion is what sets FaberExposize apart. We are all passionate about wide format print and passionate about delivering our customers creative vision. Everyone is empowered to deliver the best results. A sharing, co-operative culture means we can make the most of not just our large UK team but the knowledge and experience of our 450 colleagues across the group. Regular networking opportunities ensure we always know who we can call upon when clients need something less ordinary.

Fabric Printing

FaberExposize are alone in the industry with multiple plants optimised for different types and scales of production. This allows us to deliver best value – whatever the quantities and also be print agnostic as we offer Dye Sublimation, UV, Latex, Screen and Solvent print. We therefore can offer multiple samples across substrates and print type to deliver our client’s vision.

Fabric Printing Finishing

By precision laser or skilled time served hand crafting we have the resource to ensure that the print we produced is finished in the way that our clients want. Many non standard, innovative solutions are created each week as we allow designers, merchandisers and event professionals to create their own visions.

Faber Exposize Installation

FaberExposize have a large network of event and retail merchandisers who can support our clients in ensuring that our print is displayed to achieve the best impact. Most of our clients manage this part of the process themselves however we are delighted to offer a full project management service for all our product range.

Faber Exposize fulfilment

Where do you want it and when? Whatever the answer we can make it happen. We offer full pick and pack, white label, campaign consolidation, bulk delivery or multiple site delivery. We are the only printer to have a worldwide network of our own wide format print facilities and warehouses, each supported by in country delivery partnerships.

Faber Exposize Artworking

From the UK integrated systems, it allows us to monitor and track all our clients’ jobs through the stages of production and the layers of quality control. We comply with many international process standards and are regularly audited by large clients, Sedex and the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure we meet quality and workplace standards.

Faber Exposize Primark

With over 100 years of wide format print experience and a leading innovator in digital print, FaberExposize UK understands fabric printing better than anyone and we guarantee the best results. Our experience has also lead to the development of patented printing techniques.

Faber Exposize Latex Print Mercedes

FaberExposize UK pioneered the move from more environmentally damaging solvent print to the sustainable latex process. Our latex printers are now a key feature in 6 of our facilities delivering PVC, interior display fabrics, wallpapers and vinyl display graphics.

Faber Exposize Screen Printing

We can deliver both board and fabric screen printing from two specialist centres. Our Thai production facility specialises in large scale fabric with long length repeat options in full colour. In our board facility in Holland we offer two specialist lines optimised for rapid response, high volume retail campaigns.

Faber Exposize Monster Energy

However it is not just about Fabric Printing and Dye Sublimation. Our investment in UV print technologies was bolstered further in 2016 by £2m worth of new printers. We excel in the production of UV and Dye Sub Lightbox Graphics, Retail Display Boards, Corporate Furnishings and Free Standing Display Units.

Faber Exposize UV Roll To Roll Print

We utilise roll to roll UV print to add a further dimension to our fabric printing capabilities. This variety has put us at the forefront of fabric printing. Walk down any high street in Europe and you will have seen our print in retailers, restaurants, hotels and major sport and civic venues.


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