What is ESG and how to embed it in your business strategy?
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ESG and sustainability

Last year we witnessed an increase in conversations around CSR (corporate social responsibility) and the rise of the conscious consumer. In 2023, the spotlight remains fixed on ESG and sustainability as more and more businesses are looking to incorporate the two into their business strategies. In this blog we’re looking at what ESG stands for, why it matters and how to embed it in your business strategy.

What is ESG?

According to CFI, ESG is a framework that represents a company’s efforts to systematically assess, manage and monitor risks and opportunities related to environmental, social, and governance criteria.

Why does ESG matter for businesses?

There is enormous support for a sustainable shift in major business industries. Thus, the focus is on responsible sourcing and supply, carbon footprint reduction, achieving social value and gaining clients’ trust.

Key ESG Trends

  1. Sustainable products are becoming the norm.
  2. ‘Climate positive’ is becoming the new ‘net-zero’.
  3. Greenwashing is being called out and punished.

How to incorporate sustainability into your business strategy?

The key is to review every component of your business model. More specifically, it involves an open mind and a lot of questioning which brings about changes in the way the business operates. So from product supply to manufacturing and distribution processes – remember to rethink every step to ensure goal alignment.

When we first started our Action Now planet-saving initiative we wanted to drastically reduce our environmental impact. We were ready to set off on our environmental journey and go through the hardships of trial and error. After all, the goal was to build our knowledge and competency on sustainability.

Through lots of research and perseverance, we audited our entire supply chain to ensure their sustainability claims were legitimate. As well as that we made changes to the infrastructure of our factory and switched to a green energy supply. We wanted to go for the best solution that has a long-term positive effect on the environment.  


We came up with an extensive range of sustainable products. It incorporated an eco-friendly alternative to all our core products and called it Enviro. Overall, we’ve helped hundreds of clients transition to eco-friendly display and POS branding strategies. Thus, for every quote for a standard product that we send to our clients, we include information about its sustainable alternative.

Our Enviro range includes products printed on fabric and rigid substrates. These range from feather flags, banners, heras fence covers, tension graphics and shell scheme lining to display boards, strut cards, custom wallpapers, flooring as well as vinyl stickers.

Our commitment to being green

At FaberExposize UK and sister company Northern Flags we take sustainability seriously. We love the environment and we are making daily improvements to our operational and manufacturing practices. Moreover, our efforts towards sustainability have been recognised by various industry awards as we won a Green Award and the UK Graphic Awards 2022 and were highly commended for Environmental Company of the Year at the Printweek Awards 2022 and the Digital Printer Awards 2022. In addition to that, we received a nomination for Environmental Printer of the Year at the Printweek Awards 2023. So whether you are looking to make your interiors greener or transition to a fully-green strategy, our team is here to assist you.

Get in touch now by calling 0113 205 5185 or emailing info@faberexposize.co.uk.

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