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Visual Merchandising Displays

Visual merchandising displays consist of the strategic positioning of products to attract customers, drive sales and enhance your brand image. With personalisation and customer interaction being key business drivers in most retail environments, the look and feel of your store is not something to be overlooked during your product and seasonal campaigns. From your window displays to your shop premises and even fitting rooms – the opportunities to enhance the look and feel of your business are endless.

Here’s a list of 5 must-have promotional products for your 2023 campaign activations:

#1 Tension Graphics

Custom Tension Graphics

When we say tension graphics, we mean anything from display graphics to lightboxes. They are particularly popular in sectors that rely on vivid colours and stunning image quality to promote their products.

You can place tension graphic frames as part of your window in-store displays, highlighting selected products, campaigns, or brand messages.

As part of our extensive product range, we offer a variety of tension fabrics with different specifications and characteristics. These include Textured Lightboxes, Smooth Bright Technical Fabric as well as Light Activated/ Day & Night fabric.

#2 Hanging Banners

Hanging Banner for enhanced Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandisers typically position hanging banners in window displays. In some instances, they suspend them from the ceiling of shops to utilise the space available for marketing purposes. We print hanging banners in any shape or size on one or both sides of the banner material.

In addition, you can choose from a selection of fabrics and materials for your banners depending on the effect you want to achieve. When printed on voile or more see-through fabric, the hanging banner can be positioned as part of the window display hinting at what is inside the shop and inviting customers to visit the store. When suspended from the ceiling, the banner could point to the area where you have positioned your deals and promotions. The latter can be paired with floor vinyl stickers leading customers to your store’s great deals.

#3 Strut Cards

Strut Cards for enhanced Visual Merchandising

With custom Strut Cards you can turn any flat surface into an advertising opportunity for your products and campaigns. You can place Strut Cards on the floor or on stands and counters as they take up a small amount of surface space while having a great impact on the success of your campaign.

At FaberExposize UK, we print Strut Cards on our Display Board material in the size, shape, and thickness that you require. You can assemble the strut cards quickly and easily to create great visual merchandising displays for your stores.

#4 Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers for enhanced Visual Merchandising

Over the last couple of years, we have seen an increase in the use of vinyl stickers in Retail, Showrooms, Exhibitions, Construction Marketing Suites, etc. The versatile nature of this product means you can install vinyl stickers on flooring, windows, mirrors as well as walls.

We offer both permanent and temporary solutions subject to the footfall of your environment and the duration of your campaign. The vinyl options we have available range from static cling to easy dot and self-adhesive. We offer durable and slip-resistant graphics, ensuring you can be confident of your clients’ safety.

#5 Personalised Swing Tags

Bespoke Swing Tags

You’ve sparked a customer’s interest and managed to direct them to the amazing deals you have in-store. What now?

The customer journey continues even after the customer has paid attention to the visual merchandising displays. Now is the time to solidify your message by adding small but meaningful details to your display strategy. While some retailers tend to overlook this step, others come up with creative ways to position their key messages. An example of that would be attaching custom swing tags to your products if your business is in the fashion industry.

We print custom swing tags on a variety of materials and cut them to the shape and size you require.

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