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Wall Coverings, Printed Wallpapers and Bespoke Vinyls

Bespoke wall coverings are a great interior decoration to enhance a customer experience. They boost brand reinforcement when a customer enters your retail store and create a peaceful ambiance when a guest enters a hotel room. Our printed wallpapers allow for more scope for creativity, as you can design a custom wall covering precisely to your taste.

Key Features

Vinyl wall coverings create memorable engagement for anyone entering your space. Above all, they create a long-lasting impression on a customer who sees your interior decoration. Thus, Wall Coverings can create a rich customer experience, influencing purchasing decisions.

Whatever the location, custom wallpapers can reinforce any brand at a small cost. A branded environment, for instance, involves components that work together. The latter creates a physical and sensory relationship with your customer. With bespoke wall graphics you can communicate your brand message through slogans, logos or brand colours and textures.

Creating individuality is now the essence of modern marketing. Therefore, one image of your store, hotel room or office can be the result of mass sharing on social media platforms. Having distinctive feature walls, for example, can be fantastic way of getting your customers talking about you.

From custom vinyl to wall mounted fabric displays, we have a huge array of options for any location. The FaberExposize group have worked with many brands to roll out a variation of subtle, creative and bold wall coverings for range of hospitality as well as retail and office environments.

From concept to finish we create a branded experience through astonishing print.

For more information on our Wall Coverings or any other print for your space, please call us on 0113 205 5185 or email info@faberexposize.co.uk.

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