Take Action Now With Our Eco-Friendly Custom Print Solutions
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Action Now Eco-Friendly Custom Print Solutions

Eco-friendly custom print solutions are an effective way of promoting your business without harming the environment. Here are 5 reasons why you should take Action Now with our sustainable product range:

1. We are passionate about the environment

At FaberExposize UK, we live and breathe sustainability. Action Now, and tomorrow, and the day after is at the heart of our business. We are proud that we are part of the movement for change and we are dedicated to making a positive impact by shifting all business to green by 2025. We want to be sure we are constantly striving to take Action Now in the way we print, the waste we generate, the distribution miles we drive and the environment we work in.

2. We’ve done the hard work for you

Designing sustainable products and materials takes time, extensive research, and lots of testing. Our green journey began back in 2017 when we first started researching and testing thousands of materials and substrates. Thus, we spoke with over a hundred different suppliers. Our effort was driven by the goal to design the most sustainable, cost-effective, and high-quality print materials. We wanted to help our clients switch to green and set an example for wide format printers around the country and region.  

3. We offer a full range of eco-friendly custom print solutions

We created the Action Now green initiative as a call to action for clients and a cultural umbrella for the business. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive range of products that we designed to take the pressure off clients. From feather flags to forecourt flagpoles, heras fence scrim to crowd barrier jackets, PVC-free banners to rigid print materials and wallpapers, we have an eco-friendly alternative to all of your display and branding essentials. As a result, we’ve become the go-to wide format printer, recognised for contributions towards Innovation and Sustainability by the Digital Printer Awards 2021.

4. We are constantly working on improving our recycling and disposal processes

We are committed to working with existing robust recycling partners and identifying new ones across the UK. Above all, we have been doing this to simplify recycling procedures and offer clients more local alternatives for product disposal. Closed-loop recycling minimizes waste and also reduces transport carbon emissions. Consequently, this eliminates the energy and resources required to create a brand new product. By swapping metal eyelets for fabric tabs or recyclable eyelets, we are improving the recycling process of products that can now be recycled in their entirety.

5. We are consistent in our efforts to save the environment

We have initiated several changes across the business and factory to ensure all our work practices are ethical. Firstly, we upgraded our printers to use water-based inks and invested in plastic eyelet machinery. While water-based inks do not contain heavy metals or lead, plastic eyelets enable us to produce 100% recyclable products. Moreover, we implemented carbon-neutral channel distribution and insulated our factory fully to ensure minimal energy usage. Finally, we moved to a zero-landfill policy and launched various internal initiatives for employees like our Cycle to Work initiative.

For more information on our Action Now green initiative or any of our eco-friendly products, give us a call on 0113 205 5185 or email info@faberexposize.co.uk!

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